Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Shimano S-Phyre RC900 road shoe

New shoe time is exciting but a little inconvenient due to getting the correct fit. The possibly returning or exchanging shoes due to sizing or just a bad fit is kind of a nuisance. I've been using the Shimano SH R260 since 2014 and they have served me well so I decided to stay with the Shimano brand.

First of all, the Shimano fit is good for me and the insole has arch inserts with 2 levels of pads to fine tune the arch of your foot which I found to be a big plus. So, when deciding on a new shoe I went with the top Shimano shoe the S-Phyre RC900 model. Their non-heat moldable unlike the previous line of Shimano top tier shoes but they really don't need to be as the duel boa setup is very precise. The heat molding material was a little stiff on the previous Shimano line has been replaced with a new dimpled and perforated Avail microfiber synthetic leather is noticeably more supple. The heal pad is replaceable, and the venting is excellent as is the whole Shimano line. They offer wide fit versions in the 37 - 47 size range. I'm in size 44 standard width and there is plenty of toe space from the top and sides due to the finite adjustments of the boa system. There's two IP1 dials for easy micro-adjustment in both directions, and a simple and incredibly fast pull-to-release tension for easy shoe removal.

One feature I really like is no separate tongue. I found a tongue can pull down or slip slightly to the sides affecting fit and comfort so with the RC 900 there is none providing for a more consistent fit during a ride. The inside of the heal has a one-way cat tongue like anti slip material which works very well. Heal retention is excellent. Cleat mounting provides for an additional 11 mm of fore-aft adjustment like previous models. Shimano says the sole stiffness is a 12 which means it's stiff, and yes, it's the stiffest sole I've encountered yet but not uncomfortable. Their approx. 60 grams lighter than the older R 321's they replace. The stack height is 3.2 mm lower than the R 321 and R 260 and come in 4 different colors.

They come with a pair of Shimano socks in the box but mine were missing (no big deal). I’ve already done some hard rides and so far I love these shoes, no hot spots or heal slippage and with these boa micro adjustments very easy to adjust on the fly.
A new dimpled and perforated Avail microfiber synthetic
leather is very soft and supple... comfortable and well

Heal cup has a rough cat tongue like surface to grip
your heal that's directional.... works very effectively. All out high
watt sprints and I never had a hint of heal slippage. 

IP 1 boa dials are very "micro adjustable" pull up to 
release all tension for easy removing. 

Inserts contain silvadur which controls odor. 
Inserts also have vents that line up with some of 
the shoes vents.

Arch inserts are great. You can use none, the yellow
which is medium or red for a high arch. 
I absolutely love this feature.

Shimano rates stiffness at 12-12 by their 
own scale. Heal pad is replaceable. Additional
11 mm of cleat adjustment.... nice. Plastic cover
for carbon sole protection.