Saturday, April 1, 2017

Hammer Nutrition Fully Charged

I generally don't do many reviews on supplements due to the fact I don't take very many and have found most not effective. Yes, I do gels and sometimes electrolytes mainly for the convenience and I mix my own recovery drinks in my Vitamix. The supplement business is huge are there are countless companies putting out such outrageous claims it can make anyone crazy. If I do a review it's because I found the product works and have done in what I feel is thorough research on the ingredient list, side effects etc. That being said, Hammer nutrition recently released a new pre-exercise product called Fully Charged. I spoke to a few of what I refer to as reliable friends or colleagues that have used the product and almost all the opinions were very similar in nature. In general, they felt their focus and level of exertion were taken up a notch. I've tried Fully charged a handful of times and my experiences mirrored what others have described. My focus or concentration was definitely higher, and it felt like my intensity level was higher. All in all, repeated hard efforts seemed to be a little easier and I was fresher when I was done. At this point, any "placebo effect" I could have possibly experienced is well over and the positive effect is as strong as ever. I have to say the higher level of focus is a great feeling and it makes all the training just seem to flow smoother. You just seem to be in the "zone" a little deeper.

I'll go over the primary ingredient list briefly and say there are no synthetic chemicals in the product. The small amount of caffeine (only about 10mg) is from green tree leaf extract and that's only stimulant I found, very minimal. Beta-alanine... a non-essential beta-amino acid, raises muscle carnosine levels and increases the amount of work you can perform at elevated intensities. Beta-alanine works best when exercise is of a high-intensity and lasts at least 1-5 minutes. Taurine... Among its many benefits, taurine is suggested to increase concentration and mental alertness. It is essential for the correct functioning of the electrolytic minerals calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium, helping to protect against muscle cramping. Fully charged contains 500 mg which is considered a good dosage for athletic performance. Without going into specifics Beta-alanine should be supplemented with Taurine for it to work properly and keep any side effects in check so it's smart of Hammer to combine both. Beet Juice Powder... A rich source of nitrates, which help boost nitric oxide (NO) levels. I'm a big fan of beets and I eat raw beets virtually daily in the Vitamix blender, a great addition to Fully charged. The taste is a little on the bland side but we're not at a Martini bar we're working out. I have 2 friends, one of whom has run 23 Boston marathons and both used Fully charged along with Hammer anti fatigue caps and both set PR's on a recent long training run. Needless to say, they’re both sold.

Overall, I really enjoy this product and will certainly continue to use it. Just for the record I have no affiliation with Hammer nutrition whatsoever or receive any form of compensation. Personally when I read a product review I want to know there's no influence coming from outside sources.