Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Selle SMP saddles after 7 years

We all know bike saddles are a personal thing, something that's comfortable to one person maybe uncomfortable to another. With that being said I wanted to do a post on Selle SMP's that have provided me with a very happy ass for years. A quick explanation of the science behind the oddly shaped saddle line is based around the bone that supports you when on a bike saddle. This bone the "Ischiopubic ramus" is on each side of the base of your pelvis is approx 6 inches long and angles in toward the front, much like the shape of a bike seat. The bone actually protrudes downward in its center which mimics the general shape of the Selle SMP line of seats. The shape of this bone varies from person to person so Selle SMP has a line of 12 road seats with varying widths and dips to find the perfect cradle for the shape of your ramus bone. If you want a sustainable aero position or spend time in the drops the curved rear helps rotate your hips forward for flatter back and more powerful glute activation. The full length cut out means you can stay lower with no discomfort. They also come in various levels of padding and solid carbon as well. I certainly admit it's a little tricky to find the perfect SMP (mainly due to so many choices) and get it set up right but the end result with most opinions is well worth it. I'll most likely never use any other road saddle again. I also use one my cross bike but I recommend one with more padding and less rise in the rear, same with the mountain bike. In addition they produce 5 TT specific saddles and number of Hybrid and Trekking specific saddles.
The dip in the seat is designed to cradle your ischiopubic
ramus shown here. One of the important keys is finding
the correct model that matches your bone shape.

The rear of the seat is raised which assists in tilting your
pelvis forward instead of bending at your lower back
that may occur with the positioning of many seats.
This helps keep you back flatter instead of rounded
and can assist with glute activation.

The wide cutout puts no pressure on soft tissue. Front tip is
bent down so your shorts never get hung up. Very comfortable
in the aero position for extended amounts of time.

Getting the correct saddle tilt is essential. A slight
tilt up in the nose and it becomes more
comfortable. Flat section of the rails are 95 to 100 mm
long and rail placement is such that it travels far up the
nose allowing for lots of adjustment.

Numerous widths available to fit virtually any