Sunday, January 1, 2017

Compressport TR3 Aero Tank

I personally love training / cycling in the heat just as long as I'm wearing a well vented hi tech top. In addition I much prefer a sleeveless top because short sleeves give me that restricted feeling. I've spent way too much money on top name brands that advertised how well they breathed, wicked moisture, etc. that left me feeling like I just worked out in a rubber suit. Just by chance while at the NYC Triathlon sports and fitness expo I stumbled across a Swiss company Compressport that makes hi tech clothing for cycling, triathlon and running. What really caught my eye was the TR3 aero tank. I'll list a few features that are basic and a few that I felt that really make a difference.
-Moisture wicking - pretty standard.

-6 pockets total 3 in front 3 in the rear, while a little on the small side still very convenient.

-The vented mesh varies and is more vented in area's that you retain more body heat.

-As you breathe heavier the mesh opens up more simply because breathing heavier means you’re     working harder and require more air flow. Basically, it adjusts ventilation according to the intensity of your workout.

-The V neck is very comfortable and prevents any chafing around the neck.

-The top of the zipper has a pocket so it does not dig into your neck.

-Ergo cut, longer in the back than front so it fits properly in the cycling position. The bottom has a silicone gripper.

-On the back of the neck "Compressport" is embroidered with the inside a microfiber like material so no irritation occurs.

-The interior has some silicone bits in places so the top really stays in place even if you have a heavy sweat rate.

-The TR3 comes in black and white and looks great.

The big test was wearing the black in the blazing heat and humidity this year, normally I'm fine in the heat but some black clothing really cooks me. I honestly have to say this is the coolest I've ever felt in the heat wearing black. Trust me I tested this in what had to be the hottest days of the summer, in fact I was equally cool in the white or black which is really saying something. I loved the six pockets even though a little small but very useful. Comfort level was excellent and truthfully the harder I pushed the more ventilation it provided. The sizing is a little on the small size so you might want to size up one size but the top does provide plenty of stretch so even if it's a little tight it's still comfortable. Pricing varies and is hard to find in the US but I found it generally goes for 80 to 125 US dollars. With the excellent experience I've had with this top I'm anxious to try some more of Compressport’s extensive line.
White and black

As you breathe your torso expands and the vents open
wider to provide more ventilation. The black kept me
very comfortable in the high heat. 

Compressport says the construction provides postural
 alignment. It does provide some structure without
being uncomfortable.

Six pockets in all. Three in front three in back, The back
outer pockets are angled for easier access.

Silicone gripper keeps it snug.

The Compressort label is lined with a very soft material
on the inside to prevent irritation.