Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Carbon fiber frames - what's inside

Most all carbon bike frames look great, wild designs, beautiful paint. Most are a true work of art. Being a cyclist my curiosity regarding carbon bikes is high, especially the quality. My dad was a consulting engineer and had a background in the construction and design of high tech materials so naturally some of that interest rubbed off on me. I've followed the industry attempting to learn more about design, construction and R&D. Most of the time it's a well kept secret in regards to who actually designs what and manufactures what though it's no secret that most of the manufacturing is done in China or Taiwan.

I recently came across a new Instagram account by Raoul Luescher from Australia. Raoul is the director of Luescher Teknik a Specialist Sports Technology company based in Melbourne Australia. He has more than 25 years experience in aerospace composites and quality assurance, built his first composite bike in 1992 and is now a design consultant for some major brands. He has been employed by Boeing Aerospace, and the Australian Institute of Sport. He has extensive experience in quality control of composites, manufacturing and design.

What's interesting is Raoul has hundreds of carbon bike frames and what he does is cut them apart to study the quality or lack of quality internally. He also dissects wheels, forks hubs etc. I could go on but it's really worth checking this out by viewing his Instagram account at https://www.instagram.com/luescher_teknik/ there are some random YouTube vids of him which are fantastic but their put out by a few different video bloggers and not him personally. I do have to wonder how some of the bike manufactures feel about this or do they even care.