Friday, July 1, 2016

Cleaning Matte finish bikes

This year I purchased my first Matte finish bike, a 2016 Giant TCR Advanced SL in Matte Lime, Black. Great looking bike, excellent quality paint and finish and lots of compliments on the bike but brother it's hard to keep clean. If the color was generally all Black it would be much easier to clean but any bright colored Matte finish shows dirt and grease and is generally very tough to clean. I'm not obsessive about a clean road bike but I do take very good care of my equipment. I've tried most of the commercial bike cleaners around, and while they work basically "alright" I stumbled on a product that out cleans any I've tried. Giant Silk "bright ride polish". I don't think it was designed for Matte surface cleaning but just spray a little on greasy spots and it wipes everything off and doesn’t affect the flat matte finish. Its silicone based so maybe some other silicone based products work well but I haven't searched around. For any OCD bike owners with bright matte finishes this might be the ticket.
Some grease takes a lot of rubbing to remove and
still leaves discoloration deep in the paint. The Giant 
Silk polish takes everything off quickly

Just wipe off and buff a little, works quick


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  2. After longer experience ... does it still work and keep the mat finish? I have the same bike.. absolutely love it.. but it is a b*tch to clean

    1. Yes, no issues with the finish. It doesn't affect the paint at all. Your right this color is a bear to keep clean, I've tried white lightning matt cleaner and a few other products made specifically for this but this Giant polish is by far the best.

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