Thursday, April 7, 2016

Mavic Ksyrium Pro Disc Allroad

One of the biggest performance gains you can invest in come from upgrading to a lighter stiffer wheelset no matter if your riding road, cross, or mountain bikes. My 2016 Giant TCX cross bike came with the stock Giant SX - 2 wheelset, while the wheels performed fairly well and were durable enough they weighed in around 2100 or so grams, definitely heavy. The tires are the Maxxis mud wrestler which does well in the mud during cross season but we're headed for spring and dirt and gravel roads so a less aggressive tire is in the cards.

I've always been more or less of a Mavic fan mainly because of the durability of the product so it made sense to go with the Ksyrium pro disc allroad wheelset. This wheelset is the perfect cross, dirt, gravel or even occasional road wheel. It's UST compliant and comes with all the necessary hardware to set it up for tubeless including the sealant. When ordering you have a choice of 2 different tires, the Yksion Elite guard 28mm which are great if your riding more paved roads or the Yksion Elite allroad 30mm which are great for dirt or gravel weigh 330 grams and was my choice. Tire pressure rating is 58 to 85. Internal rim width is 19mm, Zicral spokes, and front and rear are both 24 spoke. The wheels are compatible with all quick release and thru - axle sizes and come with all the hardware necessary to convert them. The wheels also come in 2 versions for the 6 bolt and center lock brake rotor system. The freehub gets updated to what Mavic calls Instant Drive 360, offering engagement every nine degrees. I really have to say Mavic has everything covered.

As to how the wheelset performs, let’s just say they make the TCX feel like a different bike. They basically elevate the performance of the bike at every level. What is really noticeable is the tracking of the front end, steady and precise. Weight is 1620 grams for the pair so I reduced the rotating weight by well over a pound not including the tire weight difference. List price is US dollars $1250.00
Nicely finished alloy wheelset, 1620 grams for the set. 

Wheels come with all the hardware for setting up tubeless
and for any axle setup  your using. The ring in the center
is the hub spacer for 10 speed cassettes

Choice of 2 different tires, I went with the 30mm
Yksion Elite Allroad which can be run tubeless

Always a neatly finished product by Mavic

Zicral spokes, 24 per wheel.