Saturday, February 13, 2016

TRP Spyre C mechanical disc brakes

All cross bikes are subject to lots of maintenance due to the hell we put them through so I thought I would pass on some maintenance issues with the TRP Spyre C mechanical discs that came on my 2016 Giant TCX SLR cross steer. Don't get me wrong, I think the brakes are one of the best mechanical disc designs available but I began to notice that my rear braking was becoming nonexistent and the brake lever required massive strength to compress. I was in some really horrid conditions so I assumed the pads needed to be cleaned up or were a little contaminated. I pulled the pads and yes they needed to be scuffed down with some 220 grit paper which cleaned them up nicely and tossed them back on. But the brake lever was still not right, then I noticed the inner pad was considerably farther away from the rotor than the outer pad. After a little research I found out that the TRP Spryre brake pad adjusters (there's one for each pad, inner and outer) sometimes loosen up moving the pad or pads outward. My research discovered this is sometimes an issue with this system. Essentially when I'd compress the brake lever the outer pad which was adjusted properly contacted the rotor and then flexed the rotor over toward the inner pad barely making contact with it, that’s where the stiff brake lever came from. I was actually flexing the rotor with my strength. The inner pad adjuster was backed out all the way so it was just a matter of adjusting it inward which is by using a 3mm allen key. I essentially had one pad braking on the rear. Also on the TRP YouTube channel their tech said don't adjust the brakes by tightening the cable barrel adjuster as it pulls the lever in which applies pressure for the pads making for reduced braking. Always adjust the brakes by the pad adjusters. I actually loosened the cable on the brake caliber and moved the lever outward another mm or so to help increase the levers leverage a little. Now everything's happy. As I said the brakes overall work very well but are a little different than some other mechanical discs in how they operate and adjust. If you’re having braking issues with this system be sure to check the pad to rotor clearance and see if the adjusters are backed out.
Don't adjust the brakes by the cable barrel adjuster as it
moves the lever in reducing leverage or pad pressure.
There are two 3mm allen  key pad adjusters, inside and
outside make sure they haven't backed out.