Thursday, July 23, 2015

Schwalbe Thunder Burt 1st ride

Finally mounted the Thunder Burt’s and headed out for a spin. Sizing is 29 x 2.10 in snakeskin form, weight 515 grams compared to standard sidewall Racing Ralphs weighting in at 495 grams in the same size. In dry single track conditions I really couldn't see any difference compared to the Racing Ralphs as far as traction goes. Cornering in very tight loose trails is very similar between the two tires. The center lugs on these tires are so small you'd think they'd be awlfuI. I was only running the Burt's on back and stuck with the Ralphs on front which I find is common practice and with the small lugs on the Burt’s I'd rather not take the chance of the front pushing out. The one item I did feel was the slightly lower rolling resistance with the Burt's and that was to be expected with the lug design. Make no mistake this is a fast tire. I haven't had the opportunity to experiment in wet conditions and that's where I'm sure I'll see the difference. The Burt's are not suited for muddy conditions and most likely will be a hindrance in those conditions but that's for another day. Mounting them in tubeless form was painless and "popped" into the bead easily with the air compressor. Initially I have to say I'm pretty impressed with the overall performance, wet weather to come.
Thunder Burt's on left Racing Ralph's on right. Dry weather traction
is surprisingly similar. Both in size  29 x 2.10

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