Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hyper and Hypo conditioning in cycling

The offseason is the perfect time to focus on correcting muscular imbalances as well as flexibility. Cyclists are notorious for isolated hyper conditioning and deconditioning in certain muscle groups due to always performing in a sagittal plane (toward the front). Major areas are hyper development of the quadriceps and glute muscles with chronic under development of the low back and abs as well as varying levels of deconditioning of the abductors and adductors. Abductors and adductors are largely responsible for frontal plane movements (side to side) but add stabilization to the overall lower body and assists in keeping your motion or mechanics correct. They also remove strain from surrounding muscle groups that would have to over compensate for the deconditioned areas. If anyone's fitness routine or sport is continually worked in the sagittal plane the frontal and transverse plane muscles become deconditioned thus affecting the body’s ability to function properly in a triplanar fashion eventually resulting in injury. 

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