Thursday, November 6, 2014

Serfas Scandium MTB shoes 1 year report

I reviewed these shoes 1 year ago when still new so I thought do an update review to see how they held up under aggressive conditions. First a little refresher:... Stiff carbon plank soles, 390 grams for size 44 (fairly light), aggressive lugs on the soles, comes with a tool to install the removable spikes, nice roomy toe box, excellent price point when compared with other brands.

Fit; Never had a hot spot, the slightly wider toe box is a plus at least for me providing no metatarsal compression. Perfect if you want to wear slightly heavier socks in the colder weather.

Strap function; At first I thought the buckle would be a weak link as it seemed a little flimsy but it's held up fine. I've struck the buckle on numerous rocks without an issue. Strap and buckle system secure well and release easily.

Wear; Lugs show no wear after many rocky hike bikes. Likewise no wear on the heel which seems to wear first on some other brands. Outside material has held up well, no cuts after rough rocky New England trails. Outside toe area has shown no wear, and all the stitching throughout the shoe is still intact. Bottom of stiff carbon sole has held up fine.

I most definitely put these shoes through hell. The trails in New England and in this part of Connecticut are loaded with sharp axe head rocks and can really do some carnage on anything related to a mountain bike. I used these shoes in the rain, mud, heat and cold and was happy with the durability and fit. The traction from the hardcore sole lugs was excellent. Over I'd say these shoes were a good buy especially at the reasonable price point (180.00 list as of a year ago. I think 190.00 presently) and you really forget you have them on which is the way a good shoe should be.
Outside material and stitching show no signs of wear.
Durability is great.

Sole and lugs show no sign of wear

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