Thursday, November 20, 2014

Rebecca Rusch "Rusch to Glory"

I'm generally not a "book reader" mostly a magazine reader so for a book to keep me fixated chapter after chapter is rare. Last year I read and reviewed "Be brave be strong" by Jill Homer which is about Jill competing in a mountain bike race called the Tour Divide which is a 2740 mile race from Canada to Mexico. It travels along the Continental Divide and takes weeks to finish, that is if you do finish. I truly haven't found a book that has high jacked my attention since Jill's.

Then, this August Rebecca Rusch released her book "Rusch to Glory" which I thought might captivate my attention, and I wasn't disappointed. It's the story of a true iron willed athlete. From her earlier days rock climbing to extreme adventure racing to 24 hour mountain bike races and beyond shows her incredable psychological and physical drive that inspires you throughout the book. This is her life as a professional athlete, digging deeper than almost anyone can imagine to be at the peak of her sport. While reading this book, I kept trying to imagine myself in desperate situations that she encountered and wondered how I would react and get through them, it was truly mesmerizing. Some of the situations she faced were literally near death experiences. The end of the book I found absolutely spellbounding with Rebecca delving deeply into the process of what delivered her to this moment in time and what direction she's headed. This book is the ultimate inspiration for any athlete to push themselves to higher levels. Quite honestly, anyone from any walk of life should be truly inspired by this life changing read.


  1. Great read, truly inspires

  2. wonderful review, Unbelievable read, should be required reading in school systems