Thursday, September 18, 2014

Castelli Flanders short sleeve baselayer

When temps begin to drop a good hi-tech base layer can make all the difference. There are a slew of good base clothing products out there and the Castelli line consistently gets good marks so I thought I'd give the Castelli Flanders short sleeve version a go. I like wearing short sleeve base layers combined with arm warmers as it keeps the bulk down, that is unless it gets to extreme cold conditions.

First, the sizing is the normal Castelli tight fit which I prefer in a base layer. I weigh 185 pounds, 6 ft tall with a 44 chest and fit tightly in an XXL. Be sure to size up if you’re not sure. Initially the neck is really tight and you think your head might not pop through but it does. This provides a good seal that does not allow wind to travel into the shirt when your tucked low into the drops.

The body of the shirt is a 3D rib-knit with lots of stretch and comforms around your torso comfortably. The design also incorporates channels that hold the fabric off your skin which reduces any chance of abrasion, so essentially less material is touching you skin. The tail or back is elongated to allow you to tuck in the shirt. The feature I like the most is the perforated mesh around your underarms to expel any excess core heat, very comfortable. All seams and the hem are flat seamed for zero irritation. Castelli recommends the shirt be used in temps ranging from 50 degrees F ( 10 c) to 68 degrees F (20 c). I find the technology behind current hi-tech cycling apparel to be incredible. I know people are sometimes put off by the price of quality cycling apparel but once you use it you really begin to understand how comfortable it can make things under any conditions.
Perforated mesh around underarms helps
regulate body temp

Snug fit as a base layer should fit

Tail is longer so it can stay tucked in
while in a cycling position