Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Oral carb sensing and performance

The Journal of Physiology recently said that in England researchers discovered that simply rinsing your mouth with with a sugar drink may fight fatigue. The test consisted of 8 well trained cyclists doing an all out time trial on stationary bikes in a lab. Throughout the ride, the cyclists swished various liquids in their mouths but did not swallow. Some of the drinks contained carbohydrates the other drinks were just flavored, sugar-free water.  By the end of the time trials, the cyclists who had rinsed with the carbohydrate drinks — and spit them out — finished significantly faster than the water group. Their heart rates and power output were also higher. In conclusion there's some evidence when your brain is sensing fuel is being delivered to the body - without actually ingesting it - shows how it can an effect on Human performance.

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