Sunday, April 6, 2014

Dieting without exercise

Most people would love to loose weight without exercise and take the easy way out but very few are aware of all the positive effects provided by exercise. I've attempted to list them as completely as possible in list form.

While dieting will show lower numbers on a scale, it will not give you the following benefits:
- lower resting HR
- higher muscular LT
- higher VO2-max
- significantly lower fat% (more lean muscle-mass, less fat)
- improved immune system
- higher motivation and energy level
- lower LDL cholesterol counts
- stronger/denser bones

Cardiovascular adaptations that occur from long term training will provide:
-Increased capillary density
-Increased mitochondrial volume and density
-Increased aerobic enzymes
-Increased intramuscular fuel stores
-Increased maximal oxygen uptake
-Increased stroke volume
-Possible lowering of systolic & diastolic blood pressures
-Increased left vetricle volume

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