Friday, March 7, 2014

NYU School of Medicine

In March I'm enrolled in a course at NYU School of Medicine entitled "A mulitdisciplinary approach to treating the multisport and endurance athlete across age, gender and injury". It should provide some very qualified insight on training issues. Here is the course description;
Many studies are looking at swimming, cycling and running economy in the endurance athlete and how it translates to overall performance. Do certain biomechanical patterns lead to certain injuries and can modifying those patterns decrease the incidence of injury? With advanced technology and the use of more sophisticated tools for assessment and treatment of these athletes, aberrant patterns are becoming easier to identify. In addition, since multisport events are becoming more popular, more research in this area is being done and a better understanding of the medical, musculoskeletal, nutritional and physiological considerations are being reported. This conference will address medical emergencies, immunodepression and other considerations, cardiac complications, the new female triad, nutritional considerations, swimming, cycling and running biomechanics and injury rehabilitation and barefoot running in the multisport athlete.

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