Monday, January 27, 2014

Rockguardz downtube protector

The downtube protector I ordered from Rockguardz arrived in just under 2 weeks from the UK to the US. Due to the fact that the downtube on my last mountain bike took a couple of good shots (aluminum frame XTC) I decided to go with Rockguardz Carbon protector on the Carbon XTC for some added protection. On the previous bike I fabricated a downtube protector out of plastic piping from the plumbing world but the Rockguardz product adds more protection to the bottom bracket and the downtube sides. Craftsmanship is quite good and each one is made for the specific bike you own, there's nothing universal here. The instructions tell you to submerge the product in hot water for 2 minutes for flexibility as you spread it around the downtube. Do it as it makes a difference. As you can see in the photos I put a rag around the downtube when spreading the protector as to not scratch the paint but then again it’s a mountain bike and it's going to get trashed anyway. You can pull the rag out when the protector snaps around the downtube. There's just something about scratching a new bike the first time, you just want to put it off as long as possible. Totally psychological. The fit is decent but I decided to put a couple of cable ties around the downtube to make things fully secure. The visual appearance is fantastic, the thing looks great. You can go to or you can find them on ebay.

Make sure you submerge it in hot water prior to installing as you
 need to spread the sides apart. The downtube on the XTC
  is huge other downtubes will vary quite a bit.

I used a rag around the downtube when installing

Fit around the bottom bracket is excellent.

Nice bike schwag

Fit around one side is a little off. Overall good though.

It's not really needed but a couple of ties to fully secure it.

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