Friday, December 20, 2013

Sufferfest videos

My relationship with my indoor bike trainer is a complicated one. While it's great to get in some hard winter training it can be painfully boring. I've used every means to pass the time, DVD's, TV you all know the drill. Thankfully a few years ago the Sufferfest folks emerged. If you’re not familiar with Sufferfest vids it's a series of videos that are very different from others I've tried. These bad boys are serious. They download directly to your computer from the site and you can order a backup CD if you choose. There's no coach yelling motivational quotes or anything like that, no one will ever talk to you. All directions are by screen caption, including a perceived effort scale and some various sounds telling you to get ready to hammer it or brake. The soundtracks are pretty good in my opinion, with some techno and hard rock to really crank you up. I found some new music artists I absolutely love. They do splash in some odd humor at times which I find entertaining. Sufferfest uses real world video from various races including the Tour de France and edits it into workouts. Prices are under $15.00 US dollars per video, pretty reasonable.

As to the difficulty, let me say they can leave you a shattered broken man if you ride them as hard as you’re supposed to. They just released their newest “The Wretched". This is directly from the Sufferfest website" Perhaps one of the most difficult Sufferfests ever made, The Wretched is the tale of a Sufferlandrian who has fallen from Local Hero to Zero. Now, faced with the final stage of the Tour de France, you need to remember how to suffer and race with more courage than you’ve ever done before. You’ll be going deep into the pain cave on this one….it’s a true road race: flats, attacks, climbs, descents, and sprints. And no rests. It will push you to the absolute limit – but then again, nobody ever said winning a Tour de France stage was easy." And believe me they mean it, there are some features to push you that you'll love to hate. At this point I'm not quite sure if this is a review or more of a warning.
A little warmup

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  1. I love those vids. Have to give the new one a try