Sunday, December 29, 2013

Adjusting cleats

Here’s a tip on adjusting your cleats if you’re using cleats with a float: Clip in and go for a ride with a suitable tool for loosening the cleats in your pocket. Put some pressure on the pedals in a big gear for 20 seconds and then stop and coast with your right foot forward. Try and move your heel inwards.

Is there available movement? If no, stop and adjust the front of the cleat to point further inwards (yes, front of cleat needs to point in the direction of more desired movement at the heel). If yes, repeat pedaling and then coast with right foot forwards, but this time, try and twist the heel outwards.

Is there available movement? If yes, is it more or less equal to the amount of inward play you had? If yes, great. If no and the difference is large, re-adjust cleat angle. If there was no inward movement available to the heel, then stop and adjust the nose of the cleat to point further inward.

Repeat the above on the left leg until you have a more or less even amount of movement either side of where your feet naturally want to sit on the pedal under load. That may or may not be 'positioned neutrally (toes not in or out)'. Whether it is or not, it will be at an angle that is correct for you.

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