Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Serfas Scandium MTB shoes

After 6 years of service I'm retiring my Louis Garneau mountain bike shoes. No complaints though as they've held up very well but their just shot at this point. Mountain bike shoes take a real beating with all the bushwhacking we put them through so I do like to spring for good quality. After reading positive things regarding the new Serfas shoe line I went for the Scandiums. The Bicycle Center in Brookfield CT has a pretty extensive line of Serfas shoes and had my size in stock. One reason I went with Serfas is the wide toe box which I do prefer and the price point at $180.00 list is excellent for a stiff Carbon plank soled shoe. Weighing in at 390 grams for size 44 is pretty light in comparison with some big brands. The lugs on the bottom of the sole are very aggressive and grip well. They even come with a tool to install the removable toe spikes for steep hike-a-bikes. The sizing is pretty accurate, and the roomy toe area is great for heavy winter socks. I really hate it when my toes or metatarsals are tight in a toe box. Your metatarsals are designed to spread apart when pressure is applied to the ball of your foot which naturally creates stability in the human foot. If the metatarsals can't spread adequately you develop numbness. I haven't tried them in the heat as fall moves in but from what I've read they're ventilated pretty well. First time out they were very comfortable with no issues. If you’re in the market for some really good quality mountain bike shoes along with a good price point, check out Serfas.

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  1. I was wondering about the Serfas line. I'll have to check them out. Good review