Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hincapie Arenberg warmers

I have one basic expectation when it comes to warmers. They have a single mission: to stay in place so they keep my limbs warm. Over the years I've worn different brands of warmers. Most work for a little while then simply loose grip. I decided to order the Hincapie Arenberg warmers because it really seems like they have a simple fix to an annoying problem. Hincapie placed grippers on both the inside for against your skin and the outside to grab fabric. So simple yet genius. They stay more secure than any other warmers I've ever used. Totally budge proof. The warmers are all cut from Hincapie’s BodE Thermal Loft fabric. Really soft and comfortable no bunching at the knee. The length is more than enough and the zipper on the leg warmers are locking, nice feature. At the bottom there's a band or strap of material that helps secure the bottom as well as an internal gripper. The material is very flexible and easy to get on and off.  I heard a few other manufactures have the internal and external gripper feature in a few of their designs but the entire Hincapie line of warmers sport this feature.

External gripper added to the top
Knee and Leg warmers
Strap at the bottom along with internal gripper

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