Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bikes outselling cars in Europe

Here's a link to an article I just recently read on how the bicycle is outselling cars in most of Europe. I doubt we will ever see that headline in the US. America is making some progress at least in some of the larger cities. One issue is the infrastructure is not geared for cycling to be used for anything but leisure or sport. Thankfully that's changing but slowly. Secondly, Sociologists that study human behavior see Americans viewing bicycles as something that's not a legitimate mode of transportation. Bicycles are viewed as more of a toy or something someone poor would ride to work on. If you look at photos of riders in Europe there are men and women of all ages wearing suits, dresses, heels, dress coats. It's a typical cross section of Europe's working population. Not just for the sport of riding. They get it. Unfortunately within the US the mentality of change takes a long time even if it's a positive thing. At least we're being pointed in the right direction.

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