Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sega Meadows park Connecticut

A local training spot is getting a little bigger. It’s really a matter of convenience when you can ride a mountain bike to a training area. Sega Meadows bike path or sometimes referred to as New Milford River trail is slowly being expanded by the New Milford youth agency. A gravel bike path leads to some really quick single track and drops off to a neat little loop with some cool techie stuff. The trails are not long but doing laps at tempo is great if my time is crunched. I'm targeting either the Darkness 909 Halloween race or Something Wicked - Six Hours of Cathedral Pines in Long Island in November so being able to squeeze in a little more training without always driving to a location is a great help. Below are some shots with descriptions. You can finish off by heading up the 18% climb on Rooster Hollow dirt road or head into Gaylordsville and take the dirt road climb up Front of the mountain road which is one of "those" climbs where your ears pop part way up.
Nice drop roughly 40 feet
Very cool up and over
Fast S bends with some banks
Some short climbs


  1. Wow, never new this existing and ride by Sega all the time on Cross Bike. Might have to give them a spin next time I am riding through.

    1. Hi Mark, they actually started putting stairs on a dropoff. I started to reroute a trail to bypass it. The trail is nothing extensive length wise but for a quick burn it's ok. Has potential though.