Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Michelin Pro 4 service course

This year I switched to the Michelin Pro 4 service course tires since the Pro Race 3's are being discontinued. I've liked the 3's in the past but tire wear issue has always been a weak link, that is the rear tire not front. There's been a wide variety of opinions on durability but I never had an issue with excessive flatting. I find they do get small cuts over time but nothing to panic me into changing them out. So far the 4's which are nearly the same weight seem to be wearing better, the rear is not squaring off nearly as soon.  Overall the ride is much better than Continental and Schwalbe offerings. The ride quality is excellent, something I've always liked about Michelins.  These tires are sure footed and this is where the new grip shape really shines. By making the tread crown more triangular, more rubber stays in contact with the road through corners. The new tread profile is something they've brought over from their motorcycle gran prix racing technology.  Michelin says the rolling resistance is better than the 3's but if that's true it's really hard to tell because some days your legs just feel like bricks and others they don't. At this point they're kind of expensive but remember their classified as "racing tires" so therefore the cost. 700 x 23 weight - 200g
Nice improvement over the 3"s

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