Thursday, May 16, 2013

Update on Mavic Crossmax SLR wheelset

It's been a year and a half riding on the Crossmax SLR Tubeless wheelset and I thought an update would be in order. How did they hold up? Absolutely perfect to sum it up. Their still true which is kind of amazing, no issues with the tubeless system, no flats. In the wet the Schwalbe Racing Ralph tires are like ice skates, while in the dry their grip is good. Bi-polar tires. The benefit of the tubeless is the lower air pressures I can run in the wet to offset some of the slickness of the Schwalbes. I never had any problems at low air pressures with the tires or rims burping air as Mavic set the UST standard for the bead locking design. There's no internal rim tape as the spokes do not protrude into the rim meaning its one less thing to worry about and knocking off a few more grams of weight. In the wet I run pressures in the low to mid 20"s psi. Dry conditions I generally run 26 to 29 which gives me good grip and softens the impact of a hardtail. These wheels lowered the weight of my wheelset by over a pound and their stiff like most Mavic wheels. All in all they make me feel like a better rider than I really am.

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