Monday, April 29, 2013

NYC biking

We ventured to NYC for a long weekend and took to the bike paths for a little adventure. Adventure is an understatement especially on the Hudson or West side of the path. This is not a hammerfest, at least for me, I get my burn in hills of Northwest Connecticut. This was strictly a casual ride but the need to stay alert is priority 1. On a typical day you have walkers, runners, hybrids, mountain bikes, roadies, triathletes on TT bikes (with aero helmets no less), rollerbladers, hipsters, rental bikes and some bikes that I can't even begin to explain what they are. Along with this you have people of all levels riding side by side and going in opposite directions which makes things quite interesting. Some sights are truly priceless. You'll find activity on these paths 24 hours a day. Off the path in the heart of the city it's really a crazed experience riding side by side next to city busses, cabs, and pedestrians to name a few obstacles. At this point we're getting pretty good at navigating around the city and as a perk your bike handling skills improve or better improve as this is a crash course in being aware. Never ever a dull moment. I've read there's over 400 miles of New York bike lanes and paths and it's simply an amazing design and infrastructure. It's truly incredible how this city has evolved to what it is today. In between the droves of people on the west side path I shot a couple of quick photos.
A rare break in the AM path traffic
Into the city
USS Intrepid along the west side path

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