Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Winter riding gear

Craft 3D leg warmers

With temps in the mid 40's I finally have an opportunity to get a decent road ride in and a little climbing to boot just so I don't forget how to suffer. Thankfully the trainer miles this winter has keep me in the ballpark fitness wise and I actually had some legs under me. If nothing else I wanted to test out some fairly new cool weather riding swag. It's really hard to balance out what gear to use in the winter - to hot and you sweat then freeze, to cold and you just freeze.

It's the second time I used a new pair of Craft 3D leg warmers. At first observation I thought wow these are way too thin. They do have some wind block material on the front of the leg and knee but even that seemed thin. The first time I used them it was in the 30's and about 15 minutes into the ride I felt like the back of my knees were actually starting to sweat, totally amazed by the warmth they provided. It's amazing something so thin can be so toasty, truly the best warmers I've used to date. I wouldn't use them mountain biking because branches or rocks could tear them easily or it appears, strictly for road biking in my opinion.

The other piece of swag is the Demarchi Contour racing 3L jacket. It's actually 3 layers but thin not bulky. Windproof front panels with a stretchy outer mesh, thermo panels in the back and underarms, soft brushed inside that's permeable to let out excess body heat. At around 40 degrees I've been able to wear just a winter base layer and this jacket and stay pretty comfortable.

Honestly though, I really can't wait to throw the winter stuff to the back of the closet. Soon.
Demarchi Contour racing 3L jacket

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