Sunday, March 3, 2013

Use winter workouts wisely

Being the weather has been horrible here in the Northeast and riding the trainer at home is getting real old I decided to venture to my local gym to participate in a spin class. I really only use the gym for strength training and focus my endurance training normally outside but this wasn't the typical gym "spinning" environment on spinning bikes as everybody hauled in their real road bikes with their trainers. I'm not really a big fan of spinning classes on spin bikes but hey that's just me. I guess seeing people on beautiful spring /summer mornings riding on a stationary bike in a "room" just doesn’t do it for me. On the other hand if it's keeping them active and motivated that’s fantastic. The instructor was a friend whom did the Leadville 100 a few years ago. Another friend showed up as he's training for the Lake Placid Iron Man, an event he's competed in before and is a really strong rider so the "motivational" atmosphere was there. The instructor blended really good music with simulated hill climbs, intervals etc. and really likes to give it a good hammering. As people fatigued the slumped head and neck syndrome was becoming obvious. More than a few were locking their arms in attempt to support their torso, head and neck area. It was very apparent that not much upper body strength / stability training had been done this winter. It provided good observation on how easy it is to become unbalanced from a strength standpoint and how important upper body training really is in the world of endurance training. Use the winter months wisely, the transition into spring training will be much easier.

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