Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Garneau Carbon Pro team shoes

Another addition to the addiction is a new pair of Louis Garneau Carbon Pro Team shoes. Though very durable, my older LG Carbon shoes are really showing their age, the leather is getting too stretched out and they're beginning to feel like slippers. I've always liked the Garneau shoes due to their venting system which is among the best in the industry. The new shoes come with 2 insoles; one is red which is used for cold weather as it's not vented. The other is blue for hot weather and has small vent holes. What's interesting is it contains Xylitol which is an alcohol-based sugar. Have you ever tried that chewing gum that gives you that cool frigid sensation when chewing? Same stuff. When your feet sweat the moisture released converts the insoles into cooling pads. I haven't used them in the heat yet and from what I’ve read it's not like sticking your feet in into an ice bucket but it does provide a moderate cooling sensation. The shoe itself has a channel beneath the foot bed that channels air from the vent at the front of the shoe, and out the exhaust in the middle. I did find the shoes to be very stiff - excellent power transfer. The toe box is a little narrow so you might want to size up a half size but I was able to stay with my normal size 44. The heal retention system is called the HRS-300 which is an internal polymer or strap that keeps your heal in place. My heal was truly secure and comfortable, zero slippage. List price $300.00
Blue insole for summer with Xylitol, Red insole for winter
Huge vents on top
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