Sunday, February 10, 2013

Winter variation in training

After this weekends northeast blizzard riding on the road or mountain biking was out of the question. So many trainer miles on the bike this winter is getting monotonous to say the least and treadmills just don't do it for me except in a pinch, a very large pinch. Decided to pull out the snow shoes for a good go around in 18 inches of snow for a little something different. While doing some trails at Sega meadows park in New Milford Connecticut with some steep climbs thrown in I really felt the abductors engaging in the uneven snow and terrain. With snow shoeing the duration or length of muscle contractions can be longish due to the nature of lifting your leg and stabilizing your leg in the snow as well as keeping your feet further apart because of the width of snow shoes. This really targets those stabilizers. You can really felt the burn in the TFL and Glute medius / minimus. If anyone has IT band issues this is the type of workout that will help. This kind of training compliments a good functional or stabilizing workout in the gym. If your going to be doing any kind of competing or planning something epic this year now is the time to really ramp up that training program. Thinking back this year you'll be happy you did.
TSL Snowshoes made in New England USA

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