Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pre event nerves

Nerves, sweaty palms, hearts racing, knot in your stomach. How many of us have experienced these sensations before an important event we were about to participate in? I'll be willing to bet all of us. Sometimes it's accompanied by negative self-talk; I'm really nervous..... I'll probably blow it..... this will never work. In reality your perfectly capable of interpreting these physical signals in a totally positive manner, and say, hey this feeling is just the result of my body secreting adrenaline getting me ready for this event, all it's saying is lets go. Just think if you were to go into this event half asleep how do you think you would do? It's simply your body preparing you for this... it's all good. You just need to enforce this mentally. All performers have experienced this rush before an important event, it's simply showing you care and want to do well.  You can easily make it work by recognizing its positive elements and channeling your focus.

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