Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mountain Bike downtube protector

Holes drilled at angles to allow Ties to insert easier
Fabricated a simple but durable strong downtube protector by using some PVC tubing. I Had to cut and heat the tubing to almost flatten it then drilled some 1/4 in holes at angles for the zip ties to slide through, I also applied some double sided trim tape to the inside of the PVC for a little extra bond.
Ties inserted with trim tape
The Shape of the Giant XTC downtube made things easier due to it's strait design whereas some downtubes have portions that run level with the ground for 6 to 8 inches making them more likely to get whacked by a high sharp boulder, this would also require you to heat and bend the PVC to get the correct arc for the frame. Final step is to secure it with 11 inch ties. Simple, neat and durable. 
Ties secured in three slots

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