Monday, November 19, 2012

Mavic Crossmax SLR 29er wheelset

Just sprung for a set of Mavic Crossmax SLR 29er wheels, weighing in a 1620 grams their a big improvement over the stock S-XC Giant wheelset. The Giant wheelset is pretty durable just had to true them twice since new but they weigh in around 2100 or 2200 grams, heavy, very heavy. Converting the Mavics to tubeless with the supplied kit was painless... well designed system plus the hubs are a 4 pawl design.
Used Slime sealant for the tubless application
Hubs have a 4 pawl design
  Stayed with the Schwalbe Racing Ralph 29 x 2.10 tubeless which I find has excellent rolling resistance but in the wet the compound seems very slippery, in the dry the grip is excellent. First ride impression was how stiff the Mavics are but being tubless the lower pressures will offset some of the ride stiffness. There's virtually no side flex in the wheel... impressive. Climbing is an eye opener, with the heavier wheelset on steep climb you have a tendency to punch at the pedals but with the Mavics they seem to just spin up steep climbs almost like a roadbike. It's really amazing how shaving over a pound of rotating weight makes everything feel, plus their a damn pretty set of wheels.
Unique looking like most Mavic's

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