Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mismatch for the modern world?

Is our Biology a mismatch for the modern world? Statistically Depression is on the rise but why? Well there's no single conclusive reason but as a society becoming more and more sedentary, consuming industrialized food highly altered from its natural form there seems to be a parallel in its effect on society. The more the modernization of society, the higher the Depression rate climbs. While it might appear somewhat perplexing, it's actually quite simple: humans were not well designed for the modern industrialized world. Science is realizing there's true concern for our processed eating habits in the way we consume food chemicals, pesticides, hormones and how behavior and moods are affected by it. That coupled with lack of movement or exercise and you have a perfect storm for where we're at. We evolved in natural habitats where we ate real food and were very active, unfortunately technology in a short time has altered that dramatically. While I'm certainly not against technology as I use its numerous benefits, there has to be a responsible balance which our society has not mastered yet. Thankfully the organic food industry is gaining momentum both price wise and supply wise and the fitness industry continues to grow, although slowly. Our awareness and education is our best ally. No matter how hard we try we can't get away from who we are and how we evolved.

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