Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wildcat epic 2

On Friday I went over to New Paltz NY to ride the Wildcat epic 50 mile race on Sat morn. Had some reservations on Fri as the weather was at times a monsoon so I knew the course or at least the technical part of the course was going to be a mess. On Fri at the registration site I heard some of the course had been changed due to the saturated conditions and I'm assuming safety concerns. On Sat morn the weather seemed to be in our favor until we hit the single track in what I heard was an area called "Williams Lake" that's when a torrential downpour occured that lasted for 15 or so minutes and made the riding as slick as it gets and turning so much of the trails into a hike-a-bike. At times the water was up to my ankles, but still in some oddly sureal way an absolute blast. Of course this was really out of my element because of my road bike backround and in my opinion hike-a-bike is not racing. Anyway, at one fork a few of us made or what appeared to be a wrong turn as some of the trails were a little confusing to follow. I certainly understand marking a 50 mile route is difficult but it seemed like a number of racers strayed off course. All in all I estimated we lost around 30 to 40 minutes backtracking which honestly deflated me as I was on a decent pace up to that point. Comming back to the 25 mile mark I decided to bag it for the day knowing I lost all that time. All in all still had fun.