Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sun up to Sundown 12 Hour Race

I feel fortunate to have so many good mountain bike race venues so close in Connecticut. I've never done a 12 hour race before but when one appears so close to home the temptation gets the best of me. Not that I'm doing the entire 12 alone, I plan to have a teammate to split the chores but still after the beating I'll take it's only a short hop home. At this point I actually haven't solidified at teamate yet but a few seasoned riding friends are interested. This type of race creates an internal tug of war "do I really want to do this to myself or not" and takes a certain amount of self convincing. I'm talking about the 1st annual Sun up to Sundown race in Plymouth Connecticut put on by Newington Bicycle. A race of this length is a whole different animal from every perspective from the bike you ride to nutrition, energy expenditure, planning etc. Still contemplating using the XTC hard tail 29er or the 26 full suspension Trance, at this point I'm leaning toward the hard tail 29er but really don't have an idea of the course yet but do know there is a 22% climb somewhere along the way. From a training perspective part of my training package is doing a lot of long steady hill climbs at threshold, one area I'm fond of is Front of the mountain rd in Gaylordsville CT. Fairly steady state and holds 10 to 13.5% grade for a while. If part of your training includes hills this dirt road is the ticket.

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