Monday, March 14, 2011

Convenient Nutrition

Vitamix 5200
As an athlete, it's of the utmost importance to energize your body with the right nutrients. Any device that can make things easier to accomplish that I'll certainly take a look at. In January of 2009 I purchased a Vitamix 5200. For those of you not familiar with these it can be described as a blender on steroids. With numerous fitness foods and beverages on the market many are far from being healthy and can hinder your recovery or progress. With a machine like the Vitamix you can control precisely the content of the food for the response your seeking. 
The science of the Vitamix is that it ruptures the cell walls of whole foods to make the enzymes more bioavailable, trust me it liquifies everything. Valuable nutrients locked inside the pulp, peels and seeds of fruits and veggies cannot be absorbed as easily when these foods are simply chewed. When fresh, whole foods are taken down to the cellular level by the Vitamix, the nutrients become readily available for your body. Check it out at Let it be known that I have no connection with the Vitamix people I'm just suggesting that this is a device that can make life just that much easier.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Breaking Thru Plateaus

Now that we’re in heading into Spring, many of you may be struggling with plateaus.  As an athlete, I admit it’s easy to get stuck in a rut.  You get used to doing the same workouts, the same number of weekly miles.  Sometimes, it’s hard to do more mileage, more speedwork.  But if you want to improve your performance, you have to increase your training.  If your training stays the same, don’t expect your races to get faster.  The human body is very good at adapting to stress when that stress is applied is small doses, but it also does something annoying—it habituates.  To get faster, stronger, and break through plateaus, gradually and systematically increase the amount of training stress.  Do this in other areas of your life, too.  Make a commitment to yourself to be more productive, to do more, to be more.  And break through plateaus.