Saturday, February 5, 2011

Striking a Balance

Recently a friend of mine was part of a seminar for a group of managers and execs that centered around balancing lifestyle issues. Some of the individuals in attendance had health concerns related to lifestyle and expressed the desire to change. During the Seminar everyone was urged to take advantage of a break by simply taking a walk outside as it was a beautiful day. It's unfortunate, and not surprisingly, not one took advantage. Immediately, almost all of the attendees began tapping or talking away on a media device that lasted the whole break. The conversation about the seminar reminded me of a executive I met in his early 40's. He belongs to a gym, has some good quality fitness equipment at home a lives a stones throw from a school track that the public is invited to use. Yet he's on a steady course of becoming more and more overweight with accumulating health issues. He would rather choose 30 minutes on one of his media devices than 30 minutes of exercise and he is the rule not the exception. We have become a nation of the sedentary. It appears our society would rather choose to take pills, have surgery and struggle with life than strike a balance. Exercise should be an easy sell for all it does, unfortunately most Americans still view exercise as an inconvenience.